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Proven Quality and Integrity

We know our customers are looking for qualified and professional partners to meet their needs on time and on budget. You need something that is built to last, and that's where we come in.

Quality and integrity are part of everything we do here at DIS-TRAN. Our professional memberships and certifications prove that we mean business when it comes to delivering on our promises. Don't believe us? We've got the systems to prove it.


We're serious about quality. It's just part of life here. Our certifications show that we build quality into our products from the beginning to end. That combination of our people, knowledge, experience, equipment, and process puts DIS-TRAN Steel ahead of other suppliers.




American Society of
Civil Engineers
Structural Engineering Institute
Louisiana Engineering Society
National Safety Council


Building relationships that last

We take care of our people and our customers. But we’re committed to advancing the steel structure industry, too. Our memberships and affiliations work both ways – they provide us the resources we need, and our involvement helps to shape new standards of excellence and to develop and share knowledge that benefits us all.

In every endeavor, we make sure to provide the highest level of integrity and quality that our customers deserve so we can continue to lead the industry and build our communities. Tell us how we can support your next utility project.

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