Substation Structures

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Structural Strength & Reliability

Power substations are the backbone of utility systems, and there’s no room for downtime or failure. These steel structures are our bread and butter. Supported by stellar service, our design and manufacture of steel substation components—from folded plate tapered tubular structures, lattice, and standard shapes—deliver the durability and extended service life your grid relies on.



Electrical Substation Steel Structures

Substation structures are subject to unpredictable weather and heavy wear and tear. DIS-TRAN Steel's substation steel is designed and fabricated with the utmost integrity.

Our professional engineers and structural detailing team use your shop drawings or design and develop your project from the ground up using the latest AISC, ASCE, and other industry standards.


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Our Work

Take a look at some of our previous projects. Explore the utility structures we have built for customers and learn how we can support your next project.

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What Our Partners Say

"DIS-TRAN Steel always follows through with getting my orders shipped out on time. Their communication is top-notch. Whenever there are issues, they handle it quickly and get it resolved the first time. This is critical, our steel orders are very specific in design, strength. If the steel isn’t fabricated correctly and doesn’t meet the specifications, it can’t be used.”

- Shannon Beber

Common Substation Types

  • Switch Stand - function by disconnecting or isolating the current/voltage throughout a circuit.

  • Metering Support - measures voltage or current that passes through the circuit.

  • Box Bay Structure - distribute current to different circuits leaving the substation


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