Transmission Structures

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Expertise in Structural Integrity

Whether you need tapered tubular, standard, or custom transmission structures, our team of professional engineers, detailers, and fabricators delivers every time. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing utility structures, multiple locations across the country, quick quoting, and high responsiveness, DIS-TRAN Steel provides the product integrity your project needs and deserves.




Transmission Pole Fabrication

Our in-house production facilities in the South and Mid-West allow us to efficiently fabricate small to large sized structures. From single pole columns, guyed structures, lattice, H-frame, river and road crossing towers, DIS-TRAN can engineer, detail and fabricate virtually any structure for utility applications. Not sure what structure fits your needs?

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Structural Engineering and Detailing

Our Professional Engineers (P.E.s) and structural detailing team can work from your provided shop drawings or design and develop your project from the ground up using the latest AISC, ASCE, and other industry standards.

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Our Utility Projects

View some of our latest work to see the transmission structures we have built to the specific needs of our customers.

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Common Transmission Structure Types

  • Dead-End Structure - conductors and ground wires are pulled only on one side.

  • Double Dead-End Structure - one line turns at a large angle at major crossings and divides a line into segments.

  • Strain Structures - conductors are directly attached through in-line insulators through or around the tower.

  • Suspension Transmission Structures - conductor phases pass through the structure and are suspended from the insulator.




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