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What we do.

Find solutions for our customers. It may be a structure design or a field issue fix, we are here for you, the customer. Starting with a quaility proposals and seemless PO processing all the way to after the delivery of our products we are by your side.

Who we work with.

Everyday people with extrodinary talents.  Project Engineers, Procurement Departments, Consulting Firms and even Contractors.  Whoever it takes to get the project done effortlessly and effectively.  The Utility Industry is everchanging and it is our priority to keep up with the needs of our current and potential customers. You can find us at a number of Industry related Tradeshows talking the talk that the folks back home walk on a daily basis.  Check out our Events Page.

Customer Testimony

“We dealt with last minute second changes on this project, and you guys were able to pull through. I was nervous we would have to push back the in-service date of the project. Thank you for being so flexible and responsive. You really saved the day.”
                                                                                                                                                               Transmission Engineer

Why Partner with us.

DIS-TRAN Steel offers Value Added Services as an Alliance Partner.  Every detail of your project from start to finish is communicated directly to you. Service is tailored to deliver top quality solutions and your needs are anticipated beforehand. Communication and information flow is critical when managing production space schedules, project management and shipping details.  This communication is enhanced by having a personal “go-to” Alliance Coordinator who provides a seamless operation, enabling you to relax and know that the job will get done, no matter the situation at hand.

Improve Lead Times

Lock in available production space

Potential for economies of scale

Real time scheduling & product tracking

Inside customer advocate

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We Work For You.


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