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Structural analysis implementing PLS-POLE, RAM ELEMENTS and other custom design software assures that transmission towers and substation structures meet applicable industry standards. Some of these standards are per AISC, ASCE, NESC, NEMA, as well as specific customer requirements. 

To download the DIS-TRAN Steel component library files for use in PLS-POLE and TOWER click the link below:

This computer analysis, along with a constructability review by our experienced professional design staff, produces an optimum structural design, resulting in structures that offer cost savings to the customer in initial purchase and during field erection. When designing transmission poles engineers may think about alternative designs such as using direct embedded over base plate or even the type of material can make a difference economically. The combination of computer-aided structural design and drafting, along with computerized numerical control fabricating systems, ensures our customers the most efficient structures with the best possible delivery schedules.

Pre-engineered steel pole design and classification follow a similar philosophy to that found in ANSI 05.1-2002 for wood poles. Many manufacturers have developed Pre-Engineered Steel Pole Catalogs for line designers to utilize when designing structures. Using pre-engineered steel poles can help give a good idea of the pole sizes the owner and/or line designer will need. This method of design is generally used for single pole structures that are subject to transverse and vertical loads. Using pre-engineered steel poles in line design can be an effective way to minimize cost and time associated with a project.

DIS-TRAN’s engineering department is responsible for all aspects of structural design on all product lines designed and manufactured by DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC including high-voltage substation and transmission structures, lighting structures and transportation structures. 



Having a sizable group with over 100 years of combined experience, the DIS-TRAN detailing department is truly the premier detailing team in the industry. Our open line of communication with our plant facility ensures the accuracy of fabrication drawings, providing a smooth process and top quality product for our customers.

steel detailing

Using AutoCad, while also implementing Inventor, our detailing team works closely together to tackle any challenges that may arise. Our continuous effort to be the industry leader, using the most automated and innovative technology available, consistently provides our customers with an incomparable experience. 

With the rise of 3D Detailing to enhance the visual representation of steel structures, let's look at the Pros of this resource.

  • Drawing in 3D provides you with a better visual representation of the steel structures being detailed.
  • The drawings/model are done to scale so it’s more accurate.
  • A change to the 3D model automatically updates the entire model & all associated drawings.
A few other benefits include: Increased efficiency, reduced errors, improved schedules and more economical.

For a more detailed list of Pros & Cons of 3D Detailing, check out our Blog Article.

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