DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC supplies substation structures using any combination of standard steel shapes or tapered tubular sections. They are fabricated by using customer supplied shop drawings or can be designed and detailed with our in house engineering and structural detailing team from customer loading information.

Common substation structures:

  • Switch Stand- function by disconnecting or isolating the current/voltage throughout a circuit.
  • Metering Support- measures voltage or current that passes through the circuit.
  • Box Bay Structure- distribute current to different circuits leaving the substation

With a combination of both standard shapes and tapered tubular structures, DIS-TRAN Steel is able to produce over 3 million pounds a month with a 100% on time delivery record. DIS-TRAN can mix standard shape structures with folded plate tapered tubular structures to offer the most economical choice for our customers’ projects. DIS-TRAN is confident that we will exceed your expectations.

DIS-TRAN Steel is “Committed to the Utility Industry” providing folded plate tapered tubular, lattice, and standard shape substation structures. We have a solid track record and the ability to expedite projects when necessary.


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