Lattice Transmission TowersOur transmission experience includes tapered tubular and standard shape transmission structures. These structures consist of single pole columns, guyed structures, multiple pole inter-guyed structures, H-Frame Transmission Structures, river and road crossing towers and any other lattice transmission structure our customers may require…virtually any structure for utility applications.

Fabrication can be accomplished using customer supplied shop drawings, or DIS-TRAN Steel can design and detail new structures with our in-house staff of professional engineers and CAD technicians. The capacity in our fabricating facilities allows us to efficiently fabricate large projects, as well as expedite schedules on small to medium size projects when lead times are critical.

Although it’s hard to quantify structure types since there are always exceptions to the rules and never-ending configurations, transmission structures can be considered dead-end, strain or suspensiondead-end structure is where conductors and ground wires are pulled only on one side and a double dead-end structures are used where a line ends, turns at a large angle, at major crossings and or divide a line into segments. For strain structures, the conductors are directly attached through in-line insulators through or around the tower. In suspension transmission structures, the conductor phases pass through the structure, and are suspended from the insulator. Read more in our blog article Back to the Basics in Transmission

With experience in Domestic and International projects, we can apply our expertise to develop a cost effective solution to your specific project needs. From the time of order placement, through structure delivery and installation, our customers experience a level of service second to none in any industry.


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