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Announcing Carbon Negative Scope 1 & 2

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We proudly announce that the Crest Industries Family of Companies is officially carbon negative for all scope 1 and 2 emissions.

“We start with making sustainability part of the brand commitment and it’s embraced by all of our leaders,” says Donnie Roberts, President of DIS-TRAN Steel. “At the heart of our culture is the understanding that for DIS-TRAN Steel to do well, we need the world to do well and that we are a company that pursues profit by solving the problems of people and the planet.

Our team partnered with third-party firms in an Emissions Identification Process and Sequestration Calculation to define our corporate carbon footprint for 2021 and establish a program management plan to guide our future operations and reporting.

This initial evaluation of company-wide operations revealed all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from our direct operations and purchased electricity are offset by the emissions sequestered through Crest Natural Resources’ land holdings. Our findings show we annually sequester 30 times more GHG than the Crest Family of Companies directly emits into the environment.

DIS-TRAN Steel thinks about the positions of influence that we can use. We start by taking accountability for our operations as a company, but we expand this significantly as we think about the different roles we play as a customer, supplier, employer, policy advocate, and partner in innovation. The challenge is to find where our organization can have the most impact across our positions of influence.” says Clayton Eagles, EVP of Business Development and Marketing.

For more information about DIS-TRAN Steel’s commitment to sustainability, CLICK HERE.

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