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Celebrating 25 Years

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Thank you to those customers who have been with us from the start! We are proud to look back at our early projects, still standing in our communities.

In the beginning.

DIS-TRAN Steel has been fabricating and supplying high-quality steel structures for the utility industry since 1965 and consistently maintains our standards: simple values backed by honest relationships with our customers. We understand the frustrations of finding trusted suppliers. That's exactly why our Tapered Tubular Pole Division was formed, 25 years ago. Our Pole Division fabricates tapered tubular steel poles for both Transmission and Substation projects.  Integrity is the backbone of everything we do and we know the importance of doing what we say we will do.

What’s next?

We are excited to look ahead and support you in engineering the infrastructure for the next generation. It’s an exciting time in energy, and we are gearing up to support the shift to renewables, microgrids, grid hardening, and aesthetic improvements that are important to your next project. We’re working hard to build the capacity, expertise, and leadership to scale with your needs.

Let's Get to Work

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