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DIS-TRAN Steel Participates in Career and Adult Education Program

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Chillicothe, OH — DIS-TRAN Steel, located in Washington Court House, reunited with neighboring businesses and a local Workforce Partner, Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center. Governor DeWine was in attendance to discuss the successful impact of grants and funding provided by the State of Ohio on the local community, along with the progress of Career and Adult Education Programs in the State.

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In a Follow Up Report FY21 through PRCTC Adult Education, it was noted that the success of the program was showcased in an 86% student completion rate, 97% successful job placement rate, and 95% credential achievement. This was attained through a successful network of trade and career schools, local Ohio businesses, such as DIS-TRAN Steel, as well as funding through the State of Ohio. Notably, Pickaway-Ross is just 1 out of 51 educational institutions in the Ohio region where this impact is being showcased. Through this initiative, as outlined in “#PRCTCPROUD By the Numbers”, 3,122 students are served specifically at the Pickaway-Ross campuses. $1.14 million dollars have been earned by students through work-based learning and 93% of students obtain a post-program job placement through these workforce programs.

OH Gov.

Governor DeWine listened intently to feedback that would help further establish Career and Technical Schools, and secure funding for both high school and adult learning programs. Pickaway-Ross noted a need for more space for welding classes and equipment such as welding lab resources. Here at DIS-TRAN Steel, we hire local talent with a passion for welding, making us a perfect fit for those enlisted in these programs and where they can take school-based learning and provide a real-world application.

Founded in 1965, DIS-TRAN Steel is a leader in Utility substation and transmission steel structure fabrication. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to Build America. For further information about the company and career opportunities, please visit

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