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Introducing a New Look for DIS-TRAN Steel

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We are proud to announce the launch of our updated Brand Identity. Crest CEO, Kenneth Robison says it best, “We innovate and evolve. It’s a constant cycle of continuous improvement.” DIS-TRAN Steel has been in growth mode and continues to evolve. We are not the same company we were 5 years ago, much less when we were known as DIS-TRAN Products.

During our brand discovery, our goal was to better match the messaging to our core values so we can accurately represent who DIS-TRAN Steel has evolved into and the direction where we are headed. We teamed up with Launch Team, who laid out a plan to gain customer and employee insights about DTS, the good and the bad. Luckily, there were many more positive reviews than negatives, but we appreciate the negatives for what they are: opportunities to improve. With this newfound information, they were able to piece together a true DIS-TRAN Steel Brand Essence with messaging to reflect who we are.

DIS-TRAN Steel's Core Values

The Crest Marketing Team took the DTS Teams' vision and made it come to life with a new logo that demonstrates our unending commitment, forward-looking, and the three pillars of integrity that drive us as individuals and as a company.

CI-0009 - DIS-TRAN Steel Logo Explainer - V5

We believe this modern take on the round icon communicates the continued commitment to our employees, customers, and communities while respecting our past and the strong foundation from which we come.

You will start seeing the new logo in our printed (brochures, proposals, reports) and digital (social media, website, email) deliverables. We look forward to telling our story. We are strength and commitment that is built to last.

Discover Our Culture of Integrity

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