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DIS-TRAN Steel's Ribbon Cutting at the Ohio Facility

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New ventures bring new adventures. In September of 2020, DIS-TRAN Steel announced the opening of a new steel pole fabrication facility in Washington Court House, OH. The expansion has provided the space and manpower needed for DIS-TRAN Steel to better serve its customers in the Ohio Valley, Northeast, and Upper Midwest parts of the United States. Since this announcement, we have held two hiring events, participated in multiple community functions, and had our "official" Ribbon Cutting

The executive team from Crest Industries, DIS-TRAN Steel's parent company, along with The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and others in the community came out to the facility to help celebrate being an essential member of Washington Court House and surrounding areas.

"They (DIS-TRAN Steel) really do fit well into the community. We can see they want to put people into great paying positions and want to hire locally. They are making a great product that comes from our community and comes from our people. DIS-TRAN Steel has shown that's an important part of what they are doing".  Says Kristy Bowers, President of Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

DIS-TRAN Steel is proud to see the team all working together to get the job done. This facility will be key as we grow and continue to create opportunities that will make DIS-TRAN Steel the Employer of Choice in this community. 

Donnie Roberts, President of DIS-TRAN Steel comments, "We are very excited to see what happens in this area and in this facility over the next few years".

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