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Benefits of Choosing an AISC Certified Fabricator

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Billions of dollars go into grid hardening and utility pole and substructure replacements to ensure safety and service reliability. Given the massive scale and expense of these projects, utilities look to source their steel transmission and substation structures from reputable partners, and that’s where the industry standard AISC certification program comes in.

AISC’s overall goal makes a lot of sense—"error prevention rather than error correction.” So, when your fabricator follows AISC’s governing requirements, program standards, and site audits, you end up with a supply chain partner who is dedicated to cost, speed, and quality—which, in turn, makes your project run much smoother.

Your steel transmission and substation fabricator should have these certification types:
BU: Certified Building Fabricator
CPT: Certified Metal Component Manufacturer

Quality Saves Costs, Improves Speed

AISC Certified Fabricators build quality into their processes before a job even hits the plant floor. With QMS systems in place, quality is both demonstrated and documented throughout the organization, not just in the final product. If an issue arises, QMS systems make it much easier for teams to efficiently track back and communicate openly.

Clayton Eagles, DIS-TRAN’s VP of Pole Operations, lives and breathes the AISC way. “We’re very much aligned with AISC’s core principles. DIS-TRAN is very procedure-driven. We operate with a culture of quality fabrication both at our Pineville location and now in our Ohio plant. Consistency is a big reason our team was trained in Louisiana and both locations report to one VP—it’s so important to us.”

Top 3 Reasons to Select an AISC Certified Fabricator

  • Clear, quick communication – full documentation makes it easy to check project status, pull records and trace back issues. DIS-TRAN provides customers high transparency and clear visibility into project statuses.
  • Efficient timelines - with quality processes and checkpoints baked into the process, your finished steel project will meet spec and meet timeline targets. On-time delivery isn’t something an AISC fabricator will compromise unless a delay means the quality also stays uncompromised.
  • Lower costs – quality processes save time and materials, both of which go a long way in the overall budget. Certified fabricators who follow AISC standards end up with finished products that conform to industry standards and customer requirements. Simply put, there’s less rework and less waste at the end of the day.

AISC Certification just sits right with us. It’s what we mean by integrity. It’s what makes DIS-TRAN different.

Learn more about our shop, our people, and our company values, then get in touch.

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